viernes, mayo 23, 2008

Linked List


Well, the other day I had to build a Linked List in C++, this Linked List have 2 methods to sort it, one with Radix Sort, and the other with the Selection Sort.

Here is the code:

see ya!

PS: If you found any issue, please tell me!

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Anónimo dijo...


Nice, an Object-oriented linked list. Well, now you should code an iterator for it, thinking in a general-porpuse list. But is a very nice code, really. Congratulations!

Good bytes!

Un huevón más dijo...

no entiendo ni jota pero debe ser algo de informática, asi ke solo te dejo un post con saludos, que te esté yendo bien nomas carlitro, amo y señor del vodka de 500

pd:soy un hereje, ayer tomé smirnoff XD.