miércoles, diciembre 31, 2008

iomega zip 250 drive on Linux

Yeah I know, the zip drives are obsoletes, but I got one of these today and I wanted to try it on my laptop, unfortunately the zip drive uses the parallel port and my laptop doesn't have one, so I used my desktop PC (which has a parallel port). When I had connected the drive into the computer, nothing happened, so I started to search in the web and I found that if you want to use the iomega zip 250 drive with linux kernel 2.6.x, you must load the follow modules:

#modprobe parport_pc // This should load the driver for parallel port
#modprobe ppa // This is the older module could work for older drives.
#modprobe imm // This is the newest --> I used this one (besides the parport_pc)

And that's it. Then you load these modules you will be able to use your zip drive on your linux box.

source: http://mipagina.cantv.net/hahome/linux.html

PS: If you found any error in my English, please tell me!!

lunes, diciembre 15, 2008

C programmers are socials!!

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Yeah, C programmers are socials!
Join to ##c-social at irc.freenode.net

Nota: - Si eres un programador (o estudiante de programación) de habla hispana y quieres conversar sobre temas de programación, te invitamos al canal #coding y #coding-social en el servidor irc.cl

The Netiquette (RFC 1855)

Reading the RFC-1855[1] which talks about the netiquette I found this:

- Don't point to other sites without asking first.

How many web-masters/bloggers respect this? Or, is this point (and others) well accepted nowadays?


[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1855