lunes, mayo 26, 2008

Linked List (but in C)

UPDATED: This code was rewritten, and (I think that) is more comprehensible that the previous one. So here is the link to download the source code:

Besides the code was written in the Eclipse IDE, so you can easily import this source and start to work on it.



Yeah, like the title says, I translated the previous Linked List TAD to ANSI C, but without the methods (functions) that sort the list, so is a simple linked list. But I know that my classmates and other people (I hope) will need someday this code. So here is the URL:

NOTE: TAD's comments are in Spanish (sorry), but the function's names are in English, so is very easy understand the code.


PS: If you read this, and you found that my English sucks, tell me!!, the same if you find an error in my code.

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Kathy dijo...

Hey Bro, I think your English is improving everyday!!! Doing great!! keep up the good work, so you can move up to New York with me one day!!

Good luck with your economy paper!

Love ya!

your sis....Kath