lunes, mayo 26, 2008

Linked List (but in C)

UPDATED: This code was rewritten, and (I think that) is more comprehensible that the previous one. So here is the link to download the source code:

Besides the code was written in the Eclipse IDE, so you can easily import this source and start to work on it.



Yeah, like the title says, I translated the previous Linked List TAD to ANSI C, but without the methods (functions) that sort the list, so is a simple linked list. But I know that my classmates and other people (I hope) will need someday this code. So here is the URL:

NOTE: TAD's comments are in Spanish (sorry), but the function's names are in English, so is very easy understand the code.


PS: If you read this, and you found that my English sucks, tell me!!, the same if you find an error in my code.

viernes, mayo 23, 2008

Linked List


Well, the other day I had to build a Linked List in C++, this Linked List have 2 methods to sort it, one with Radix Sort, and the other with the Selection Sort.

Here is the code:

see ya!

PS: If you found any issue, please tell me!

miércoles, mayo 21, 2008


In this semester I have a class called "Data Structures", where we must build software with the OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) paradigm, but in the beginning of the career we had a class called "Programming Introduction", where we learned about the structured programming, with the C programming language. We did a lot of things, and then in the "Design and Construction Algorithms" class, we were supposed to learn C++ without an explanation about the OOP paradigm, so if you were an autodidact, you should have learned about OOP and C++, but in the real-world my classmates are lazy (maybe 'cause they don't want to be coders) or some of them don’t like C++.

However, now it's time to learn. At the beginning of the semester I had been using a book, "How to Program C/C++" by H.M. Deitel / P.J. Deitel, It's a nice book to learn C and C++. "Thinking in C++" by Bruce Eckel is other nice book to learn C++. But if you don't want to learn C++ or if you want to improve your knowledge about C, you should read the "Object-Oriented with ANSI C" by Axel-Tobias Schreiner, and of course "The C Programming Language" by Kernighan & Ritchie, and finally a good library reference is "The Standar C Library" by P.J. Plauger.

So, now I'm doing my homework using C++ and it’s late xD.

see ya.

PS: If you want to get these books, search in Google.
PS II: Thanks Allison!.

miércoles, mayo 14, 2008

crosvera's blog reloaded

I decided to refresh my Blog, because it had been a lot of time without a update. So like a refresh measure, I'll post (almost) everything in english, and topics related with Free Software, Programming Languages, Open Source, Linux, and other stuff.

So I will need your help, if you read my posts and you found that my english sucks, please tell me!!, because I need improve my english.

Los tips/post en español los pondré en el blog de mi amigo juaramir