martes, enero 27, 2009

Cbot: an IRC bot written in the C programming language

In this month I have been working in a personal project, with the main goal to learn new things in the field of the programming in the C programming language on Linux enviroment (and all that stuff) and improve my skills =). So I decided to make an IRC bot, at start with very few and simple features (stay alive[PING/PONG], say things via IRC, etc...).

Well I started with this project in early of January, and I started a online repository for the project. If you want get involved with Cbot, or just take a look at the code, go to: (YES!, I'm learning git too ;), I accept any kind of feedback =).

Well that's it, bye ;)

ps: Remember, if you found any error in my English, please tell me!

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gpoo dijo...


I think you would like to take a look to Pro Git book (if you have not done, yet) as well as Git Community Book (the base of the previous one).

gpoo dijo...

If you are starting to use git, then I recommend you to use Gitorious webiste instead of It is much nicer and it is simple to use, and it provides wiki pages and networking with other developers (in you think in the long term).

crosvera dijo...

thanks for the advice gpoo ;-)